Create hilarious videos with the most famous quotes.

Amazing Features

Thousands of sounds

Looking for a sound ? Pretty sure we have it in our huge library.

Record your own

Still can find your favorite quote ? No problem, record it and create your velfie from your recordings !

Show your velfies to the world

Share your videos on Social Networks, Emails, Messages, Whatsapp and more.


Display the text of the quote so you know exactly what to say !

Get creative with the new ‘Pause’ feature

Use the ‘Pause’ feature to change your composition or environment & make your #velfie stand out!

Works on any iOS & most of the Android devices.

From iOS 7.1 to 8.2 & Android (4.1 to 5.0.1),have a smartphone? Can make #velfie.

Why Velfie ?

Just because it’s the most AWESOME video social networking app ! Here are the features that makes it the best of its kind:

  • A crowd-sourced library of hundreds of categories and thousands of quotes/sounds/dialogues/songs.
  • New sounds added everyday.
  • Record/Add your own sounds with the ‘Add Sound’ feature.
  • Use the pause/resume feature when recording your video to create the funniest velfies.
  • Display the lyrics/subtitles of the sound so you are perfectly synced with the video.
  • Create amazing compositions of your Velfies, right inside the app.

In a few words :

Create hilarious videos of yourself saying famous quotes. Play movie scenes, quote politicians or people…be whoever you want and show it to your friends.

-Pick a sound from the library or record one from any source

-Record yourself saying the sound.

-Velfie will mix the sound with your video

-Share your Velfie with all your friends

You can also pause the recording to make it even funnier (change outfit, change room, change actor) and create compilations of your favorite velfies right inside the app !


Here are some screenshots of the app so you know what you download !

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